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L’Arbre en poche

Claire Diterzi has been cultivating a highly trans-musical approach for more than 20 years.  Last year, Le Monde named her as a “pioneer” among all the musicians who are working today to “break the wall of sound” and to mix their music with other performing arts. This 8th album is thus a new unidentified (and scenic) sound object: the 12 songs that make up L’arbre en poche form the soundtrack of the eponymous show, which she has written and directed. A show whose purpose is above all a manifesto against the ravages that man inflicts on his environment. Between concept album and tragi-comedy, Claire Diterzi for the first time entrusts some of her compositions to the voice of another, counter-tenor Serge Kakudji.


Coup Fatal CD

Serge is happy to announce the launch of the cd of Coup Fatal, his latest collaboration with Fabrizio Cassol and Alain Platel, now on tour.  To buy a copy, click on the link below!  Although we have gotten many requests for DVD’s or video recordings of the show, there is none (yet?!) available.



Click below to hear clips from the AUDIO album and learn more about the show.


Cyprès Records – PITIÉ

After the success of VSPRS and Monteverdi, Alain Platel and Fabrizio Cassol once more join their talents for pitié! This new work was inspired by Bach’s Saint Matthew Passion, transposed into a musical style interwoven with multifarious influences. The result is overwhelming in emotion, on the verge of opera. The production has already been programmed nearly one hundred times in some forty cities around the world. Fabrizio Cassol’s re-orchestration blends influences from jazz, manouche, Mali and the blues, backed up by the trio Aka Moon, and it manages to create a new narrative based on one of music’s monuments. This version of the Passion seeks to express the sorrow of a mother, a role that does not exist in the original work, confronted as she is by the sacrifice of her son. From this choice we have a cast of three singers: a soprano for the mother and two very similar voices for the children (an alto/mezzo and a counter-tenor, the young Congolese Serge Kakudji, with his limpid timbre). The role of Christ is doubled here, following an esoteric vision whereby Christ was simultaneously a masculine and a feminine soul. The outcome is a moving experience in which the idea of compassion, pushed to the point of paroxysm that is the sacrifice of oneself, is nonetheless portrayed in a positive light. The ultimate expression of this music, of this Passion, is the love, called upon and shared, that radiates through each scene. BUY HERE 


A documentary film by Ibbe Daniëls and Koen Vidal, in coproduction with VRT-Canvas and Casa Kafka Pictures, Supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, the Belgian Development Cooperation, le centre du Cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles et de VOO.
Serge Kakudji is a twenty-year-old Congolese counter tenor who fell in love with opera as a young boy, listening to cassette tapes of opera recordings in his room in Lumubashi. He later travelled to Europe to achieve his dream of becoming a top opera singer. Although Serge’s artistic ambitions are pure and uncomplicated, the reactions among his environment and audiences are often ambiguous and divided. Rêve Kakudji