Lesechos.fr Avignon : « Coup Fatal », un festival baroque à l’africaine

It speaks only of “Prince of Homburg” in the court of honor, but another show was scheduled to open the Avignon Festival on July 4. It’s “Coup fatal” concocted by Serge Kakudji Fabrizio Cassol and choreographer Alain Platel. Intermittent strike pushes the first to Avignon public on July 5. However, patience should be rewarded: we saw the show during his visit to Brussels, and it is worth visiting …

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Avignon 2014 : “Coup fatal”, le baroque aux couleurs de l’Afrique

This is an extraordinary meeting we made with Serge Kakudji Congolese counter-tenor behind “Coup fatal”, which merges baroque music and Congolese music. A concert “choreographed” with empathy and subtlety by Alain Platel.

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Serge Kakudji l’Arbre en poche in https://www.ville-pornichet.fr/theatre-musical-claire-diterzi-larbre-en-poche

L’Arbre en poche

Claire Diterzi has been cultivating a highly trans-musical approach for more than 20 years.  Last year, Le Monde named her as a “pioneer” among all the musicians who are working today to “break the wall of sound” and to mix their music with other performing arts. This 8th album is thus a new unidentified (and scenic) sound object: the 12 songs that make up L’arbre en poche form the soundtrack of the eponymous show, which she has written and directed. A show whose purpose is above all a manifesto against the ravages that man inflicts on his environment. Between concept album and tragi-comedy, Claire Diterzi for the first time entrusts some of her compositions to the voice of another, counter-tenor Serge Kakudji.