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L’Arbre en poche

Claire Diterzi has been cultivating a highly trans-musical approach for more than 20 years.  Last year, Le Monde named her as a “pioneer” among all the musicians who are working today to “break the wall of sound” and to mix their music with other performing arts. This 8th album is thus a new unidentified (and scenic) sound object: the 12 songs that make up L’arbre en poche form the soundtrack of the eponymous show, which she has written and directed. A show whose purpose is above all a manifesto against the ravages that man inflicts on his environment. Between concept album and tragi-comedy, Claire Diterzi for the first time entrusts some of her compositions to the voice of another, counter-tenor Serge Kakudji.


London Dance Review (Coup Fatal – Sadler’s Wells)

One of the most extraordinary moments is when the counter-tenor, Serge Kakudji starts singing. From dancing with repeated side-steps, undulating body and low centre of gravity – Congolese style, his voice throws out Baroque, operatic arias. It’s a fantastically exciting juxtaposition: the trained and controlled harmonic singing associated with the white European establishment emerging from improvised, Congolese polyrhythmic beats and melodies. Throughout the show Kakudji is a remarkable figure, a hybrid of stylised, operatic conventions and spontaneous, fluid African dance; a high-voiced counter-tenor who performs both femininity and masculinity. A master of versatility.


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Guardian Review (Coup Fatal – Sadler’s Wells London)

Coup Fatal review – zoot-suited spectacular celebrates Congo’s sapeurs

Operatic arias by Vivaldi and Gluck are sung by Serge Kakudji in a startlingly androgynous countertenor, while the band’s percussionists lay down fiendishly complex polyrhythms.

John Lewis
Friday 5 June 2015 13.02 BST

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