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Extraextra.org – Pitié

quotations2The combination of the principal singers Claron McFadden (soprano) Monica Brett-Crowther (alto/mezzo) and Serge Kakudji (countertenor), the orchestra (Aka Moon and guests Magic Malik (flute and vocals), Tcha Limberger (violin) and Krassimir Sterev (accordion)) and the dancers who perform some of the recitatives is simply breathtaking. Powerful and controlled, the beautiful voices constantly ground both the music and the dance. There are times when singers become dancers become musicians in a seamless melodic whole that shimmers with life moving within sound.”

by Marion Drew
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Ballet.co.uk – Pitié

quotations2…with the Christ figure played by the precociously brilliant 19 year-old, counter-tenor, Serge Kakudji, who was recently discovered in Kinshasa. Although largely self-taught, Kakudji sings exquisitely. He also dances a strong solo and lifts other dancers high in the air whilst continuing to sing. I have a feeling that we will hear a lot more of Serge Kakudji.”

By Graham Watts

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