Serge Kakudji l’Arbre en poche in

L’Arbre en poche

Claire Diterzi has been cultivating a highly trans-musical approach for more than 20 years.  Last year, Le Monde named her as a “pioneer” among all the musicians who are working today to “break the wall of sound” and to mix their music with other performing arts. This 8th album is thus a new unidentified (and scenic) sound object: the 12 songs that make up L’arbre en poche form the soundtrack of the eponymous show, which she has written and directed. A show whose purpose is above all a manifesto against the ravages that man inflicts on his environment. Between concept album and tragi-comedy, Claire Diterzi for the first time entrusts some of her compositions to the voice of another, counter-tenor Serge Kakudji.