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Avignon 2014 : “Coup fatal”, le baroque aux couleurs de l’Afrique

This is an extraordinary meeting we made with Serge Kakudji Congolese counter-tenor behind “Coup fatal”, which merges baroque music and Congolese music. A concert “choreographed” with empathy and subtlety by Alain Platel.

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Last Stop Kinshasa – Film


Jörg Jeshel & Brigitte Kramer
P A S S I O N   –   L A S T   S T O P   K I N S H A S A  

les ballets C de la B was on tour for one year with the piece pitié! from director Alain Platel and musician Fabrizio Cassol. The tour took them to major capital cities including Berlin, Paris and Tokyo. After more than 100 performances pitié!  concluded in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic Kongo. Following several years of unrest and political instability, the country is aspiring to new cultural horizons.For filmmakers Jörg Jeshel and Brigitte Kramer this was the starting point for the documentary Passion – Last Stop Kinshasa.  The film is a documentary not only on the breathtaking show, but on the reactions in Congo as well.
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