LeFigaro.fr – Avignon : l’orage et la grève menacent l’ouverture du Festival

From 10am to 22h tonight is a day split between several appointments crucial for the intermit tents. With, on the horizon, the first strikes. A storm warning issued by the weather could get everyone to agree …


Lesechos.fr Avignon : « Coup Fatal », un festival baroque à l’africaine

It speaks only of “Prince of Homburg” in the court of honor, but another show was scheduled to open the Avignon Festival on July 4. It’s “Coup fatal” concocted by Serge Kakudji Fabrizio Cassol and choreographer Alain Platel. Intermittent strike pushes the first to Avignon public on July 5. However, patience should be rewarded: we saw the show during his visit to Brussels, and it is worth visiting …

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Serge Kakudji, de la chorale de Lubumbashi à “Coup fatal” au Festival d’Avignon

Par AFP, publié le 07/07/2014 à 08:34, mis à jour à 08:34

Avignon – Serge Kakudji is all smilles – at 26 years old, a child of Lubumbashi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he is in the opening of the Festival d’Avignon in “Coup fatal,” given from the 5th to 8th of July before a two-year world tour.

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