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Sole 24 Ore – (Italian) – Pitié

quotations2Thus the black countertenor Serge Kakudji, with an image of Christ on his t-shirt, passes from vocalises and gestures coming from the African tradition to the Erbarme dick and irradiates, truly with stage presence, some authentic dance flashes. He’s a Pop Jesus, solar and revolutionary.

Così il controtenore nero Serge Kakudji,con un’immagine del Cristo sulla maglietta, passa da vocalizzi e gesti sonori della tradizione africana all’Erbarme dich e irradia, da vero portento scenico, degli autentici guizzi danzanti. È un Gesù pop, solare e rivoluzionario.”

by Marinella Guatterini

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quotations2 This unusual trinity takes most of the vocals on their behalf. The young Congolese countertenor Serge Kakudji plays the role of Jesus and does so beautifully. He sings very sensitively and also dances further scintillating, especially in a hilarious, rhythmic dance with the pockets turned inside out sort a visually stunning effect. A large part of the night, however, keeps Jesus on the background. It seems that what happens overtakes him without his fierce resistance.

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